About us

In the name of Allah
With the vision of DARKNESS TOWARDS LIGHT, the mohammad brothers launched a unique platform ONEISLAM in the year 2022.

The core objective of Oneislam is to spread the true knowledge of Islam to all human as Prophet of Allah Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: deliver (the commandments of Allah) to the people on my behalf, even if it is only one verse [Narrated by Imam Bukhari]

ONEISLAM, has created a unique platform where people will find a cluster of scholars under one umbrella and the content is available in form of QA, Audios, Videos, E-Books, Articles and posters.

ONEISLAM gathered the authentic information related to different aspects of life such as beliefs, worships, rituals, society, economy, education etc.

According to Manhaj of Salaf-As-Sualeheen, and after necessary discussions with scholars, ONEISLAM has filters and authenticates all content before uploading on the app. ONEISLAM is very particular and makes sure that the content available is as per Quran and Authentic Hadees only.

We would like to show gratitude to all scholars and organizations, who encouraged us and permitted us to upload their content. We are also thankful organizations who have kept their content open to reshare for the sake of Allah.

O Allah!
We ask you to persevere in it and persevere in goodness, and grant you success in matters that are pleasing and pleasing to you, Aameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen